• About ELi
  • ELi is an amazing electronic cigarette device, with a small body and big smoke, magnetic interface, easy to change bombs in one second.
  • The air switch does not require a button, and the operation is simple and convenient. Tobacco rods are available in a variety of trendy colors.
  • With 400 mAh lithium battery capacity, it can fully meet your daily use. Once the battery is exhausted,  the Type-C interface can quickly charge for battery life.
  • The use of intelligent constant pressure technology allows the small cigarette rod to meet the long-lasting and stable high power, while bringing the ultimate foggy experience, every bite is consistent.
  • Each ELI cigarette stick uses high-quality Class A lithium cobalt oxide batteries for battery life.
  • From the body to the bottom of the cigarette rod, the beautiful arc design is adopted, and the hand feel is excellent.
    Change the bomb in one second, the magnetic structure can connect the cigarette stick and the bomb tightly and quickly,Type-C fast charging technology is convenient, efficient and stable.

  • ELi Pods  has a  wide variety of high-quality flavors,Meet the needs of different tastes, enrich your taste buds feast
  • If you have any questions about this website and ELi products, you can contact us at any time, you can add our customer service
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