Flavour Chasing

Flavour Chasing

Although vaping is primarily a stop smoking aid, you may find over time it evolves to become somewhat of a hobby.

The different flavours and range of devices and tanks available mean there is always something to suit every flavour pallet and vaping preference, and some people will find they develop a passion for flavour that they didn’t initially know they had. So welcome to you, the flavour chasers!


Whether you choose to use a 50/50 or a high VG e-liquid will depend entirely on the type of tank you are using, for example, most mouth to lung (MTL) devices work best with a 50/50 ratio e-liquid as they tend to have smaller coils, which absorb the thinner liquid with ease.

Whereas, sub-ohm devices with bigger coils and more airflow are better suited to high VG e-liquids to avoid over absorption and leaking. Both 50/50 and high VG e-liquids offer a wide range of flavour profiles, and can both provide amazing flavour.

Flavour Chasing With Stock Coil Tanks

Although with stock coil tanks you are somewhat limited to the coils that will fit your device, there are often a couple of different options for coils, and we have some tips for optimising the flavour on your tanks;

  • Find the right coil – this will mainly be a case of trial and error, try out all of the different options for coils that will fit your tank to find which one best suits you. Many tanks now offer a mesh coil option, which tends to provide significantly more flavour and a smoother vape.
  • Adjust your airflow – If your tank has adjustable airflow, experiment with different settings to find your sweet spot. Sub-ohm tanks will often have a large airflow slot which is great for cloud chasers who want a large amount of vaper, however, the bigger airflow can mean losing some of the flavour so closing it off to half way will help you recapture this.
  • Wattage – All stock coils will have a recommended wattage range at which the coil performs best, running your device too high can risk burning the coil out prematurely. Find the point within this range which is most comfortable and flavourful to you.

Rebuildable Tanks

RDAs and RTAs are fantastic for flavour chasers, as they offer the ability to personalise the coils so much more than a small range of stock coils. Once you have found the wire or prebuilt coils and cotton that you prefer, work on finding the build that produces the most flavour in your device. For the most part, in a rebuildable the flavour comes down to the vapour density, and so considering the size of the tank is key.

With a large tank with a considerable chamber size, a small coil build leaves a lot of room in the chamber where density can be lost, in this case larger coils are key for boosting the flavour output.

If you are looking for a new tank and flavour is your key driving motive, a smaller single coil build device could be a fantastic addition. A single coil deck often has a significantly smaller chamber, and so cloud density will not be lost so easily.

The amount of cotton you use can also help with flavour production, being generous with cotton means there is more e-liquid held, resulting in a denser and more flavoursome cloud. However, watch not to pack the cotton too tight as this can cause dry spots which will easily burn and ruin the flavour altogether.

For more advice on getting the most flavour from your device, pop in to your local Evapo Vape store and speak to a member of our team. You can also find a tonne of vape related advice, news and reviews on our blog.


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